Hello everyone, I’m so glad you found me! My name is Alasen and I’m a fun-loving mom of two amazing girls. I’ve been navigating the crazy world of starting a family, pregnancy, and new-mommy-hood for about 5 years now with plenty of successes and failures along the way.

I have always been interested in nutrition in general, but originally pursued a different career. During the third trimester of my last pregnancy, I was introduced to an amazing nutrition program and discovered just how powerful food can be in caring for yourself and your family through the pregnant and postpartum phases of your life. I became passionate about sharing what I learned with other new mothers and their families.

With the support of friends and my own Health Coach, I decided to enroll at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition to become a Health, Wellness, and Nutrition Coach. My specialty is helping new mothers with nutrition and health (from pregnancy to postpartum moms with young kids). I have seen and experienced the enormous need for better postpartum support in the US and with my work as your Nutrition Doula, I am helping to fill that gap with one family at a time.

The Nutrition Doula philosophy is about using real, everyday foods to care for yourself and your family. I do not endorse quick-fixes, diets, meal replacements, or the like. My focus is on how to help moms and families to stress-free changes that can be small, but amount to big results for your overall health and wellness.